Additional services


We offer diverse inspections and inspection protocols. Among them Salt spray tests, layer thickness measurements, Initial Sample Inspection Report according to VDA or PPAP. The documentation will be done according to your specifications.

Assembly work

You want us to assemble the parts after coating them to make them ready for shipment to you costumer? No Problem. Just contact our competent employees and discuss the solutions.


We can offer many packaging options. If there is need for a particular packaging after coating we are happy to do this for you. We are also able to issue the shipment in your name and use your documents to send the parts directly to your costumer to get rid of unnecessary transports.


We can securely store your goods in our storage facilities on our business premises. Additional storage areas can be offered in corporation with our local partners.


If pick up through a forwarding company or transportation with our own transport: your goods will securely reach their destination!

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