With a galvanic unalloyed zinc coating, Cr(VI)-free passivated, metal parts can be economically protected against corrosion. In a zinc electrolyte under application of direct current thin, in micron range lying zinc layers are given off. The layer thickness can be influenced and controlled by the amperage and the time of exposure. The targeted layer thickness and the follow-up Treatment depend on the purpose of the part in question and are often defined and determined by standardization. With a subsequent passivation and an optional sealing the corrosion resistance of the zinced parts is improved considerably. The following Cr(VI)-free passivations are available:

  • thin-film passivation (DÜSP)
  • thick-film passivation (DISP)


Low to medium corrosion resistance, i.e. car interior , electronics, mechanical engineering, construction. High corrosion resistance when used as basecoat for an additional lacquer coating. Deformable variations available.

Suitable materials

All steels except stainless steel.

Application examples

Brackets, housings, manifolds, clamping rings, oil pans, sieve pipes.


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