Zinc flake coating

Zinc flake coatings are non-electrolytically applied coatings, that offer a very high corrosion protection through a cathodic protection. The coating consists of a mixture of zinc- and aluminium-flakes, which are connected through an inorganic matrix. We have a wide variety of products available for this kind of coating. Corrosion protection depends on the used product and the layer thickness. What all our products have in common is material efficiency and that they offer good protection even with thin paint layers. A zinc lamella coating does not require a bating process as pre-treatment which makes it suitable for high strength parts with a tensile strength of >1000 N/mm2, > 320 HV or screws and bolts higher than property class 10.9. The risk of hydrogen embrittlement induced fractures caused by the surface treatment can be excluded.


High corrosion protection, i.e. interior and exterior of automobiles, wind power incl. offshore, mechanical engineering, railway engineering. Very high corrosion resistance when used as basecoat for an additional lacquer coating.

Suitable materials

All steels. Aluminium

Special features

Coating of large bolts and screws up to 3 meters in length.

Application examples

Bolts, studs, brackets, screws, nuts.


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