Wet Lacquer Coating

Wet lacquer coating refers to all processes where some form of liquid coating is applied by spraying. These coatings can be solvent-based or water-based. Depending on the application the coating can be air-drying or heat drying – to lower and higher temperatures. Wet lacquer coating does not only offer a vast selection of colours (RAL) but also different functionalities, i.e. deformability, dry lubrication, noise reduction, temperature resistance, décor, chemical resistance, fuel resistance, UV radiation, electrical insulation, good adhesion for rubber and many more. We can provide suggestions on what lacquer to use and what pre-treatment is best suited based on the later application and use of the part in question. Many costumers also take use of the possibility to state which lacquer product is released for their product and we check the suitability.


All industries according to specifications. Medium corrosion resistance, high and very high corrosion resistance when used as topcoat on an additional galvanic layer or on zinc lamella coating.

Suitable materials

All steels and Aluminium. Other non-metallic materials on request.

Special features

Coating-free areas necessary? We have a vast assortment of masking equipment available and are able to develop customer specific masking solutions.

Application examples

Bolts, studs, nuts, pistons, rubber metal Bonding, springs, silencers.


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