Powder coating

Powder coating is a coating procedure where a electrically conductive material is coated with powder paint. Powder paint generally consists of dry, grainy particles, which are mostly based on epoxy or polyester resins. Powder paint is applied electrostatically. The charged particles gather on the surface of the part and stick to it electrostatically. During the subsequent burning process the particles gel into the actual powder coat. Powder coating required no solvents which makes this process environmentally friendly.

Powder coatings have similar properties as the above descripted properties of wet lacquer coatings. They are always heat dried and normally have a higher layer thickness.


All industries according to specifications. Medium corrosion resistance, high and very high corrosion resistance when used as topcoat on an additional galvanic layer or multi-layered.

Suitable materials

All steels and Aluminium.

Special features

Coating-free areas necessary? We have a vast assortment of masking equipment available and are able to develop customer specific masking solutions.

Application examples

Brake calipers, clamping rings, exhaust pipes.


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