Duplex Coatings are the combination of a metallic coating (basecoat) and an additional lacquer coating (topcoat). Application of this technology aims to unite at least two coatings on one surface in that way, that all strengths of the individual coatings take full effect and their weaknesses are compensated for. One example would be the combination of galvanic zinc with an subsequent lacquer coating on a steel part: Zinc with its cathodic corrosion protection has the property that it sacrifices itself by corroding instead of the base material. This protects the base material from corrosion damages but the sacrificial property of zinc is limited. A lacquer coat does not have this special property. Would there only be a lacquer coating and would it get damaged the base material would be unprotected and vulnerable for corrosion. In the duplex combination the lacquer is able to protect the zinc layer and if the lacquer is damaged the zinc prevents the corrosion and delays the infiltration with corrosion under the lacquer coat.  These and many other property-combinations are possible. To reach these the interface between the individual layers has to be perfectly harmonized. ANSORGE has decades of experience and you receive everything from one source.

Application examples

Bend pipes, beadplates, footboards, vibration dampers.


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